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Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki - It is pure, simple, and extremely effective & has over 65 years of experience behind it.

The word " Reiki " 靈氣 has been around for thousands of years in Japan and China.

I practice Jikiden Reiki, original Japanese Reiki style.

There is a difference between Western Reiki style and original Japanese Reiki.

Jikiden Reiki makes a strong effort to keep practice and teaching as faithful as possible to the original methods taught by Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi, and Jikiden Reiki is Reiki as it was originally taught in Japan.

In Jikiden Reiki, we don't work with set hand positions, but instead focus treatment on the areas where there are accumulations of toxins. It is not just relaxation or spiritual growth. Reiki facilitates the connection between the mind, body and spirit, creating a sense of overall wellness in the body.

When you learn Jikiden Reiki, you can use it in your life every day to help yourself and those around you.

This is how Chiyoko Yamaguchi, founder of Jikiden Reiki used it.

It can make such a difference in your life and your loved ones.

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