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What is Reiki?

Reiki is often described as the universal energy of existence in English, flowing through all life and matter. It is inherently natural, omnipresent, and an integral part of both our surroundings and ourselves.

What happens during a session?
I can't predict exactly what will happen during your Reiki session or afterward. Each person is unique, and the outcome can vary based on the duration and depth of the issue. Some may sense vibrant energy flowing through their bodies, while others may feel nothing.
Responses range from feeling lighter and joyful to experiencing emotional releases, such as crying, during the session. Your experience will be uniquely yours.

The session typically begins with a brief consultation, where I primarily listen to how you're feeling and what you hope to achieve from the session. This allows me to tailor the Reiki session to your specific needs.

Once we're ready to begin, you lie down fully clothed on the Reiki table or sit comfortably on a chair, whichever you prefer.

Reiki begins flowing immediately when I place my hands on, beside, on top, or under your body. I may remain in the same position the whole time or move my hands to different areas as guided by the energy flow. Your body will naturally guide the flow of Reiki to areas holding more toxins. Additionally, as the Reiki flows through your body, the natural healing process will commence.

After the session, I encourage you to take a few moments to gently reorient yourself before getting up. Afterwards, we will have a brief conversation to discuss your experience. This post-session conversation provides an opportunity for us to plan future sessions and address any questions or concerns you may have.

How often or how long do I need Reiki sessions?

The frequency and duration of Reiki sessions depend on various factors:

  • The extent of your physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalance

  • The duration of the issue

  • Your openness to allowing Reiki to help

  • Your budget for sessions

Ultimately, you know your body and emotional well-being best. After your first session with me, we can discuss what approach might work best for you. Some find relief with just one session, while others benefit from a more regular schedule. Let's tailor a plan that suits your unique needs.

Can anyone learn Reiki?

Absolutely, anyone can learn and will be able to practice Reiki. Daily practice, whether it's hands-on for your family, distant Reiki, or self-Reiki, provides an opportunity for deeper awareness in your life.

If you're interested in learning a simple yet effective Reiki method, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Through Jikiden Reiki practice, you can access improvements in both mind and body

Can I combine Reiki with other forms of natural or complementary medicine?

Absolutely, you can combine Reiki with other forms of natural or complementary medicine. There are numerous practices we can incorporate at home to maintain our health, and Reiki can be a valuable tool in this toolkit.

I believe in the importance of achieving a balance between Western medical practices and alternative health methods for comprehensive well-being.


Is Reiki safe?

People of all ages use it for detoxing and healing purposes.


Can I treat myself with Reiki ?

Yes. You can start using Reiki on yourself or others after you complete the 1st level ( Shoden ).  Jikiden Reiki recommends incorporating self-Reiki into your routine. It's a wonderful practice of kindness to yourself and others.


I know you have more questions to ask. I can tell you through my experience, Reiki has been very beneficial in my life.

                                                                                          --- Yasuko (Sue)

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With Jikiden Reiki Representative, Mr. Yamaguchi -2015

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