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What is Reiki?

Reiki can be described as the universal energy of existence, which flows through all life and matter. It is completely natural and it is all around us and part of us.  


What happens during a session?

You will be fully clothed and lie down on a Reiki bed or on a chair and relax. I will lay my hands gently on you. Your body will invite Reiki to the parts of the body which is holding more toxins and I will focus on those areas.

I can't tell you what exactly will happen during your Reiki session or afterwards.

Everyone is different and depending on how long you have had this issue or how deep the problem is.

Some people feel great energy going through their bodies, some feel nothing.

Some people feel lighter and happy afterward, some cry during the session, etc.

How often or how long do I need Reiki sessions?

“It depends.”

How much you are off-balance physically, emotionally, or spiritually ?/How long you’ve had the issue ?/How open you are to allowing Reiki to help you?/How many sessions can you afford? 

You know your body and emotional well-being best.

Take your first session with me and let's talk. 

Some need just one session, some need more and possibly a regular schedule of sessions.

Can anyone learn Reiki?

Yes, Absolutely everyone can learn and practice, Daily practice (hands-on to your family, distant Reiki, self-Reiki) will give an opportunity to a deeper awareness of your life.

If you would like to learn a simple, effective Reiki method, please contact me.

You will be able to access mind and body improvement through Jikiden Reiki practice.


Can I combine Reiki with other forms of natural or complementary medicine?


There are so many things we can do at home to maintain our health, and Reiki can be one of the tools.  

I believe it is good to have a balance between the Western medical system and alternative health methods.


Is Reiki safe?


Reiki is used by people of all ages and it does only detoxing and healing.

No side effects.


Can I treat myself with Reiki ?

Yes. You can start treating yourself or others after you complete the 1st level ( Shoden ).  Jikiden Reiki recommends you to do a self-Reiki as regular treatment and also as a part of teaching, " Be kind " 


I know you have more questions to ask. I can tell you through my experience, Reiki has been very beneficial in my life. I have 2 boys who play rugby and soccer. I have been treating them with Reiki on their cuts and bruises, muscle aches, ankle/knee / heel problem, etc.  It helps them to calm down faster and sleep better.

I treated a second-degree burn on my wrist once. Oh, I cannot wait to tell you how it healed at my class!

                                                                                                                                                --- Sue

Frequent asked question


With Jikiden Reiki Representative, Mr. Yamaguchi .

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