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I would like to share my experience with Reiki and my wonderful practitioner/teacher Sue Yasuko Tedaka.

I’ve of course heard about Reiki over the years but had never experienced it until my friend and neighbour Sue introduced me to it.

I’ve had treatments done myself and always feel very centered and calm after.

My son recently broke is let quite badly and Sue was kind enough to come to our house and help him with treatment.

He is very open and responded very well.

She began in December and continued until just recently at which time she realized the costs were building for us and helped me to learn how to give it to him myself.

I was fascinated to learn how simple and yet profound this was.

Now I give him Reiki daily.

My son had a checkup yesterday and his leg is healed. 

We were both very relieved and are very thankful to Sue for helping with this.

I’ve attached some pictures of his xrays for comparison.

If you are on the fence about trying Reiki or perhaps learning the practice yourself,

I highly recommend Sue as your practitioner or teacher.

She is a very loving kind soul and has nothing but love for what she does and the people she helps.

Thank you so much for taking us under your wing Sue!!   

- Heather  Feb, 2018

Reiki has completely changed my life now. I have woken up to the truth. All the traumas, sorrow, and sadness. I am going through this healing process to become new human. Thank you, Sue, for helping humanity to spread love and compassion.

- I   Nov, 2017


I felt so much better after the session. I really enjoyed it and I even told my manager and other co-workers to go see you. I would like to come back for a tune-up.


Hi Sue...I just want to thank you again for helping me heal....I am so glad that I found you...and so close to I had discovered you years ago.I absolutely want to continue Reiki with you...


Hi Sue,

Thanks for the distant Reiki session. I feel relaxed. 

- Ana    in FL, USA    

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