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Gift Certficate

Gift certificate is available 

Gift certificates make wonderful birthday, holiday, or special occasion gifts.

I have many people gifted the certificate to their families. 

As a birthday present from sister because she knew her sister is exhausted from the workload and wanted her sister to relax.

As a Father's day gift. From daughter to her father who has knee pain.

As a Mother's day gift. Just because she knew her mother wanted to try Reiki oneday.

Thank you gift to a teacher. A student wanted to give her teacher something special.

Pre-paid distant Reiki session for someone who is not possible to come and see me receive Reiki session 

Your loved one is in the hospital and you are not able to visit because of Covid-19 restriction?

If you would like to send  Reiki treatment to someone who lives far, it is possible with a few information exchanges, You must let that person know that you purchase it and book an appointment.

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