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Jikiden Reiki sessions with Sue

Physical pain

Headache, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc.

Injuries, pre/post-surgery, digestive issues, hormonal issues.


Emotional pain

Anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, grief, anger, addiction.  

Stress, sleep disorder.Great soothing techniques for  Dementia patients and caregivers.


Deep relaxation

Clear your mind, settle your mind, awareness, and discipline.


Spiritual growth and development

When our perception changes and the way we see the world around us also changes. We become optimistic and positive in life and also become calmer and more peaceful. This growth helps us to deal with the negativity around us.  Anger and other negative emotions take a back seat and we start feeling happy and comfortable in any circumstances.

Supportive treatment for illness, injury and stress reduction
Jikiden Reiki at Sue's Reiki room

$55/session   70-80min

Hands-on Reiki works for both physical and psychological aspects of health by reactivating the natural healing ability that people already possess. Reiki will be working on eliminating extra toxins from the body. 


Sometimes you might feel a little worse for a short while after a session.

Reiki is like stirring up muddy water in order to clean deeply.

Please do not be discouraged by this feeling. You probably need a few more sessions.



Distant Reiki

$30/session  45minutes 

Distant Reiki sessions can be done with you, your friends, or loved ones if the person can't come to Reiki hands-on session. It will work just as effectively no matter where you are.  I often use this method with my parents who are living in Japan.

Are you shaken up by the Covid-19 fears and is the anxiety of the virus getting to you? Are you feeling nervous and lost and need immediate support?

I am confident that Distant Reiki can help you during any pandemic.

Free consultation before the session is available on Zoom.


Psychological treatment


Each person and each situation is unique. 

I usually offer this treatment on your 2nd or 3rd visit. When you book your session online, please choose "Jikiden Reiki treatment" and add a note "psychological treatment".The basic idea of this treatment is that it reaches the receiver’s subconscious, as well as conscious.

This treatment is to help with a range from smaller habits to deeper psychological challenges.

A few examples are:

  • excessive anger

  • eating habits

  • anxiety

  • insomnia

  • smoking

  • trauma

  • alcoholism

  • fear

  • depression

  • trust issue

  • laziness, etc. 


Listen to your inner voice.-----Please remember; in order for this to work, you must have a strong desire for this treatment. However, if you feel like you are lost, I can work with hands-on and psychological Reiki combination first.


I believe that each person and each situation is unique.

My job is to help you to help yourself at your own speed. Reiki will support you along the way.



Extended Health care claim 

There are insurance companies within Canada that offer Reiki as a paid benefit in their Extended Health Care package. Please check with your provider.

Animal Reiki

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