Jikiden Reiki Certification classes

Shoden (Level 1) 初伝

Fee:  CAD $350 *** < include registration, textbook, student card>

Venue:  Sue's reiki room
Course length: two days class or three days

You will learn ;

  • How to practice and use Reiki technique at home

  • History of Reiki and the background of Jikiden Reiki

  • First aid with Reiki and self Reiki practice 

  • Five principles of Reiki (五戒) in English and Japanese

  • Kekko Reiki technique (血液交換法)

  • 1st Reiki symbol (印)

  • Byosen technique

  • A little bit of Japanese culture and history, the meaning of Japanese Kanji

       the character in the world of Reiki.

  • The practice of giving and receiving Reiki

  • All ideas and methods not previously taught in the West.


The course materials and certificates are from Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan

and your name will be registered.


Jikiden Reiki will be taught in honour and respect of the original teaching, Japanese cultural and traditional background as passed down carefully from the original teacher.


Class schedule 

June 5,6 Full

June 26, 27 Full

August 28,29 Full

September 18,19

September 25

You can send a request to make a special schedule with me :


Please note: if you would like to bring Jikiden Reiki to your area, or would like to schedule a class for a specific date, please contact Yasuko Tedaka for scheduling.



All Jikiden reiki teachers (Shihan and Shihan-kaku) are registered and certified by the Jikiden reiki kenkyukai(institute) in Kyoto, Japan.

*Course Fees are set by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan and will not be changed by any individual teacher.

Okuden (Level 2) 奥伝

*Pre requisite - Finished Jikiden Reiki Shoden

Cost: : CAD$425 ***

Venue:  Sue's reiki room

One day course

-Seiheki (Emotional/mental) treatment 
-Second symbol with deep meanings behind it
-Kototama for Seiheki treatment  demonstrated and explained
-Practice Seiheki treatment
-Distant Reiki treatment
-Distant Reiki symbol with deep meanings  behind it
-Practice Distant Reiki treatment
-Distant Reiki treatment for emotional/mental  problem
-Seiheki treatment on yourself

-Two Reiju



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