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Reiki -- "心身改善臼井靈氣療法" (Shin shin kaizen Usui reiki ryoho)

Usui Reiki treatment method to improve body and mind

Reiki is a word that has been around in Japan thousands of years and it means universal life force energy. Reiki method works for both physical and psychological sides of health by reactivating the natural healing ability that humans originally possess. 

An amazing simple technique which is spiritual in nature, it's not religion.

In fact, Reiki will work whether you believe in it or not.


Reiki is beneficial not only for those who are in poor health to recover from their conditions , but also for healthy people to maintain good health.

Reiki balances body and spirit in a structured way through light, gentle, non-intrusive touch, compassionate intention and regard., mind, heart


You are living energy and possess the healing energy.already. But when your energy is somehow weak, Reiki will help with your living energy to heal whatever you are facing.

Reiki for life

Reiki is not a miracle treatment but if you trust the process, you will get the result. Ask yourself, "How long do I have this problem?"


Each person is responsible for how to live their lives.

You must take care of your own body in the best way you can.


The purpose of Reiki is to allow us to peel back the layer of unwelcome stuff we have accumulated. Are you carrying a lot of loads?


Reiki will activate your healing ability again and again.

Reported benefit


  • Helps heal injured area

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Increases energy and vitality

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Reduces body pain and headaches

  • Reduces side effects of chemotherapy

Jikiden Reiki as complementary therapy used with current medical treatments.


  • Jikiden Reiki can be used alone, or with other forms of therapies to speed up the recovery time in the healing process

  • Improves all functions of the body

  • Reiki is safely absorbed, distributed and balanced with the body to meet its specific needs

  • Reiki treatments are not meant to replace traditional health care.


What is different between Western (Modern) Reiki and Jikiden Reiki 

The main differences between Western (Modern) Reiki and Jikiden Reiki lie in their origins, teaching lineages, and approaches to practice.

Lineage and Origins:

  • Jikiden Reiki: Jikiden Reiki has a direct lineage traced back from Mikao Usui to Chujiro Hayashi and then to Chiyoko Yamaguchi

       Jikiden Reiki, we teach and preserve the way Chiyoko sensei learned from Hayashi sensei in 1938.

  • Western Reiki: Western Reiki typically traces its lineage through Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American woman who learned Reiki from Chujiro Hayashi in Japan. Takata later introduced Reiki to the Western world, particularly in Hawaii.

Teaching Approach:

  • Jikiden Reiki: Jikiden Reiki emphasizes preserving the original teachings as passed down from Hayashi sensei to Chiyoko Yamaguchi. It tends to adhere closely to the traditional Japanese approach to Reiki practice.

  • Western Reiki: Western Reiki has evolved over time, and there are various styles and schools with different approaches to teaching and practice. Some Western Reiki practices may incorporate additional elements or have adapted the original teachings to suit different cultural contexts.

Cultural Influence:

  • Jikiden Reiki: Rooted in Japanese spirituality, Jikiden Reiki maintains a cultural authenticity reflective of its origins in Japan. The teachings often embody a traditional Japanese perspective on energy healing and spirituality.

  • Western Reiki: Having been introduced and adapted in the Western world, various styles of Western Reiki may incorporate Western perspectives on healing and spirituality. This can lead to differences in terminology, symbols used, and the overall approach to Reiki practice.


​Jikiden Reiki places a strong emphasis on maintaining the original Japanese teachings, whereas Western Reiki has evolved into various styles with different approaches influenced by Western cultures.

More about Jikiden Reiki and my Reiki lineage-> Jikiden Reiki 

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