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Jikiden Reiki with Yasuko (Sue)


Jikiden Reiki method is simple, original, and culturally from the spiritually specific Japanese background.

Hello My name is Yasuko (Sue)

I am from Japan and trained with a great Japanese Reiki founder of Jikiden Reiki Japan, Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi.


Be kind, Be calm, Be safe.

I will be kind, calm and safe so that I can be my best to help you feel better with Reiki if you are having any issues physically, emotionally or mentally.

I will teach you how to do Reiki to yourself and to your family.

I believe that the path to recovery is different for every individual and my natural approach can help you open the door to recovery.


--About Jikiden Reiki--

In the late 1990s, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a Japanese lady who learned Reiki from Usui sensei’s direct disciple- Chujiro Hayashi in 1938 came to light. She was initiated to Reiki at the age of 17. ” Jikiden” means “directly transmitted teaching (of Chujiro Hayashi). Jikiden Reiki seminars teach original simple yet powerful Japanese Reiki and have been very popular at home and abroad today.

I am a certified teacher currently teaching in Langley, B.C.

Reiki belongs to not only professional people but for an ordinary person like me.

If you know a few people who may be interested in learning along with you, you can be a host. I am willing to travel anywhere in B.C.

Jikiden Reiki Shihan
Yasuko (Sue

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